The water of the moon.

Last year, a rocket from the NASA crashed on the surface of the moon. It let us know, that in the moon there are some regions with frozen water. The rocket had found evidences of the water on the surface on the moon, when lost control and collided whit our satellite. The impact was recorded by another rocket called ‘the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS)’ and cameras from the Nasa that circled the moon. Articles from the journal Science,told about how the rocket did a big crater on the moon .But it has a good part , instruments from LCROSS have found a lot of chemical substances in the derbis plume, substances like methane, ammonia ,silver and alcohol. The crash released a lot of heat, that makes melt the ice .This is a good new, because if we have enough water on the moon, we could make a good manned base and we could know more things about the moon.

Personal Opinion: I think that it’s important to us learn more things about the moon, our satellite. The way that it hapened wasn’t good, because with the crash of the rocket , the moon was affected, a lot of ice was melted and it made a big hole on the surface. I hope it will be good, and we could do it, but trying to respect the moon.

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  1. Just type “LCROSS Science Magazine” in Google and check the results given!

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