Water on Mars?

The existance of water on Mars has been a very disputed question since the 19th century. However, new evidence consisting on images showing dark channels, suggest that water could be flowing along Mars surface.

The images from the US space agency show many long, dark channels a few metres wide, which are claimed to be water streams by scientists. Observing the evidence, is easy to find out that this trails are more abundant on Mars’s southern hemisphere during  warm periods of the year.

The best explanation for this markings is the presence of salty water, said the researchers form the University of Arizona. Althought, evidence don’t prove this, it is more likely than the presence of pure water or carbon dioxide due to the planet’s temperature on its sun-facing areas.

It is believed that water flowed on Mars on the past, but the only strong proof so far is the presence of frozen water near the surface.

The article was taken from The Guardian and from the original source, the journal Science we can add that this evidence of water flowing nowadays and not some million years ago, indicate that life could exist on this part of the planet.

I chose this article beacause it seemed to me that knowing if life could be possible outside the Earth was interesting. I think researching about the planets that surround us and form the solar system could help us understand how the universe works.

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One Response to Water on Mars?

  1. Using confidence levels are important in science because they tells you how sure you can be. They are expressed as a percentage (the 95% confidence level means you can be 95% certain). However, in this particular outreach section in Science magazine (called ‘Science News’, where your links heads to) a more informal language is allowed. So you can find this description of likelihood:
    Flowing water is not yet proven, he says, but “I would bet my bike on this, and probably my car, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it.”

    The serious report is ‘Seasonal Flows on Warm Martian Slopes’, see the abstract in http://www.sciencemag.org/content/333/6043/740.abstract

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