An endangered species

The amphibian world is suffering the most drastic extermination of living beings nowadays.

Frog in the Comobian Amazon, a very threatened area.

Around half of amphibian species are in decline, and a third are already threatened with extinction. Moreover, about half or more European’s amphibians will be affected by those threats and might be eliminated by 2080. The situation doesn’t improve, indeed it gest worse: the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list contains a third of the world’s amphibians classified as endangered species, for example, the Malagasy rainbow frog, target of the pet trade; or the Chinese giant salamander, overexploitated for food.

The article, form the Guardian, bases its data on the results published on the Journal Nature, that show that two thirds of the areas with the richest diversity of amphibian species will be the most affected by the threats mentioned before by 2080.

From the original source, the Journal Nature, here you have a map showing spatial overlap of the areas of highest amphibian species richness with each of the three main factors threatening global amphibian diversity, projected for 2080.

In my opinion, an specie threatened by extinction is always an awful situation because it means a loss in diversity. Articles like this concenciate people about what is happening with the world and things such us these little animals, that may seem insignifanct to us but aren’t at all.

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One Response to An endangered species

  1. Be careful to properly choose the words in the title, they’re the most noticeable so a mistake is more apparent. The word `specie’ doesn’t exist in English (‘species’ is the only form for singular and plural).
    Your work is unfinished, you have to find the original paper in Nature. You’ll see “Supplementary information” offered for free in this article (like maps that you should include)

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