The Malaria vaccine

One company of scientists from the UK called  GlaxoSmithKline , has invented a vaccine for fight against the Malaria disease. The vaccine has been in development for two decades and the company promised thet the vaccine will be sell at no more than a fraction over cost-price .Another good idea from this company is that whit the benefit they will be ploughed back in the further tropical disease research.

It vaccina could help a thousand of african childrens that have to live with this disease when they are just childrens. Malaria takes about 800,000 lives a year (most of them are children under five).This vaccine could  help to prevent millions of cases of this debilitating disease that is produced for a bite from a mosquito.

It will be tasted on Burkina Faso, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. The WHO has said that if the results are good, the vaccine will be rolled out about 2015.The Path malaria vaccine initiative’s  is to deliver a vaccine to the children of Africa.

The most severe effects of  malaria are that the disease affects the brain, kidneys and blood and can kill.


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I think it’s very important do the vaccine for protect the childrens health. So, i am agree with the production of this vaccine. I think too that its our responsability take care about the future of all the people of the world, not just the richest countries

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  1. – OK, but you’d better read the whole article from the newspaper instead the few upper paragraphs. You’ll see the downsides, to have a well balanced picture of the question.
    – There are several scientific papers behind this piece of writing. You’ve chosen one from Nature introducing the true original source (‘Live Attenuated Malaria Vaccine Designed to Protect Through Hepatic CD8+ T Cell Immunity‘) which focuses in the most technical inmunological aspects (too much obscure for us). Read carefully the abstract where your link goes to (‘Another Shot at a Malaria Vaccine‘) to obtain more accurate conclusions.
    – In the middle of the journalistic text you’ll find a direct link to another original source (in the New England Journal of Medicine) where the results of the vaccination trial can be seen (including a couple of schemes detailing the procedure). You should CLARIFY your post going a little deeper, so your opinion could be more interesting (and valuable).
    – You’d include a short text acompanying the image, with the credits.

    – You have to include the tag ‘English’ in your post, so everyone can easily find all posts written in that language. Click in “Escoller entre as etiquetas máis utilizadas” and choose English among the tags already used. I’ll add the tag for you this time.
    – Do not select “uncategorized” when you have any particular category selected (as “saude” in this case)

  2. I think your article is interesting because a vaccine for fighting against diseases is always important.
    In my opinion, it is good that the vaccine will be cheap, but I think if it’s going to be sell in poor countries, it would be better if it was totally free. However, it’s a good research and it’s great if it really helps people who have malaria.

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