Advances on treating blindness

Curing human blindness is only a step away. Recent researchs and investigations have result in finding a way to treat blindnees. Althoug the experiments were done with mice that were dark blind, its success contributes to restore vision to those who lost it.

The experiment consisted on transplanting cells from new-born mice to adult mice with a genetic form of night blindness. In most cases it was possible to restore their vision. This fact provides a method to cure blindness.

The retina contains two kinds of cells: rods and cones. The first ones allow to have a good vision in the dark, but seeing everything in black and white. Cones cells provide good vision on good lighting conditions but are less numerous and more difficult to transplant. Mostly, the cells transplanted on the experiment were rods cells. Althouhg, it is being currently tested to transplant cones cells.

Apart from the success of this experiment, it will take a while to try this method on human as many questions have to be answered first. It worked on animals, but more researches have to be done until it is decided to apply these discoveries to cure human blindness.

The article is taken from The Guardian where you can find a video explaining some of the experiments done with the mice and the conclusions obtained. The original source is the journal Nature where the main point of the investigation is made: the question is not whether the transplantion can be done but if vision can be improved.

In my opinion the result of this investigation is a huge contribution to science and specially to medicine. It is always welcomed any type of discovery that can help cure or at least treat and minimise some illnesses and their effects.

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