The honeybee killer virus.

Some scientists have discovered a parasite who kill the honeybee colonies.It’s called Varroa Destructor and it is implicated in the halving of bee numbers.
With the arrival of the parasite, in Hawaii, 274 of 413 colonies of bees were wiped out.
There is an virus called deformed wind virus (DWV), that was present in low levels in colonies before the mites.
Scientifics discovered that one strain called DWV help to increase the level of bees infected.When a colony is cleared of the mite , the DWV strain remains dominant. Another investigation conclued that when the varroa is under control, the presence of DWV kills, more or less 10% of colonies each year.
The varroa mite makes the impact of DWV more high because it transmits the virus directly on the bee’s bloodstream as the parasite feeds. Also the virus can multiply in the mite and, at the end of the DWV strain is best suited to transmission via the mite that rapidly comes to dominate. This strain is particularly harmful to bees.
Hawaii is being affected by the death of the colonies that help them in nut industry and the queen bees that are used in the US.
This is an important problem, both for US production as and also for Hawaii´s economy.

Personal opinion:
Bees are vital in the production of our food, and also in the polinization of a lot of plants. We need them, so we should protect them.
This article has been taken from the guardian magazine
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