Bonobos make love, not war.

Since the publication of the chimpanzees, orang-utan and gorillas genomes we have been waiting for the bonobos genome, and now, some scientists decoded it.

Bonobos are a kind of ape very similar to chimpanzees, but chimpanzees are aggressive while bonobos are pacific and they solve their problems with sex. Bonobos hardly ever kill others apes. They make love, not war.

The scientists said eighteen genes linked to serotonine could explain the humans, bonobos and chempanzees sexual behavior and that they have to work a lot because they haven’t the big holder. If they want to understant the genome they have to compare with others apes and humans to find the evolutionary distances.

The results of the experiment show that the bonobos and chempanzee are more similar between them than  they are to us but, looking at the origin of the behavior, our DNA is closer to the chimpanzee or bonobo than resemble each other the genomes of them.

”The evolutionary history of man would be impossible to understand without the DNA sequences of the closest relatives”.

Opinion: I thought about similarities between some apes and us and I can’t understand people who think that we aren’t distant relatives, because every day new experiments shows that we have been very similar since the origin of primates… and this article is another evidence more of that.

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One Response to Bonobos make love, not war.

  1. I think your arrticle is very interesting and you have explained it good.
    I totally agree with your opinion, and I think it’s very good to know about our antecesors.
    In my opinion, your article has been good explained. Good job Moisés!

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