GM crops are good for environment

Scientists discovered that crops genetically modified can give us environmental benefits.Plants engineered are made for produce a bacterial toxine, that is lethal for the insects who spoil the plants, but harmless to people who eat them.
One example is Bt cotton.A study showed that pesticides could double the number of natural insect predators (as ladybirds, spiders…).
Transgenic crops are made for promote to increase the population of natural enemies of the plants ( pesticides kill the crops).
The Bt cotton is made for kill cotton bollworms, but also it don’t harm the aphids(the bigger pest for cotton).Investigators discovered that aphid populations plummeted, after Bt cotton arrived, because the doubling of natural predators eat a wide range of pests, that is a good advantage.
The use of Bt cotton could give us economic benefits in Bt fields and in whole agricultural landscape.
Personal Opinion:
I think we should go on whit this investigation if transgenic food really give us these benefits, for humans and animals, but if it could make damages in one of them I am not agree with the use of transgenic food. Article taked from:
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