Diesel fumes are carcinogen

The World Health Organisation panel said that the risk of getting cancer from diesel fumes is small, but since so many people breathe in the fumes in some way, the WHO’s science panel said raising the status of diesel exhaust to carcinogen from “probable carcirogen”.

Kurt Straif, director of the IARC department has explained that since so many people are exposed to exhaust, there could be many cases of lung cancer connected to the cotaminant.

This new classification has been discussed in Lyon, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. In 1989, the agency considered the status of diesel exhaust as a probable carcinogen, but, reclassifying diesel exhaust as carcinogenic, puts it into the same category as other risks as abestos, alcohol or ultraviolet radiation.

The Us government still classifies diesel exhaust as a “likely carcinogen”.

Experts in Lyon had analysed published studies. One of the biggest one, was published in March by the US National Cancer Institute. They analysed 12300, and they found miners heavily exposed to diesel exhaust had a higher risk of dying from lung cancer. But lobbyists for the diesel industry argued the study wasn’t good because reasearchers didn’t have exact data on haw much exposure miners got in the early years of the study.

Ken Donaldson, a professor of respiratory toxicology at the University of Edinburgh, said lung cancer was caused by different factors, like smoking. He also said the people most at risk were those jobs exposed them to high levels of diesel exhaust.

I took this article from http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2012/jun/12/diesel-fumes-cause-cancer-who .

The original source is http://www.who.int/en/ , where we can find more information about another of the cancer causes.

In my opinion, it is interesting to know about cancer causes, because we can try to avoid them. I don’t really care about if the diesel fumes are carcinogen or “probable carcinogen”. The important thing is that diesel fumes are releated with cancer.

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One Response to Diesel fumes are carcinogen

  1. I found your article really interesting and I quite agree with you on your opinion.
    I think it is good to know what causes cancer and if exposing to some factors makes the probability of getting cancer higher. It is true that a healthy person can perfectly have cancer, but those exposed to fumes, for example, are more likely to be sick.
    Searching on cancer causes and also how to cure means a big improvement for today’s society.

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