Gut Bacteria to Fight Diarrhea

The bacterium Clostridium difficile is an anaerobic bacterium that is largely the cause of diarrhea their reproductive cycle is based on spores that are highly resistant to making a difficult task to stop them.

Previous solutions to stop this bacterium have been excrement intake, or use of drugs that kill spores still have a lot of damage to other beneficial bacteria making it more likely reinfection.

It has been found that a Mice experimenting with various bacteria bacteriotherapy simple can solve the problem that is caused by intestinal bisimbiosis. In the experiment, several mice were infected with spores of the bacteria and combinations of bacteria were tested until they found one that made ​​the bacteria is not contagious.After try various combinations they found  a combination of a mixture of six types of different bacteria that cured the mice.This may be the first step to prevent the spread of bacteria in humans


My opinion:

In my opinion soon we can meet even the most dangerous diseases of our  planet and stop the withou problem.Milions  of  scientists do experiments to see how bacteria cause no harm us and I think this is an amazing example of what can be the science.The way to stop the bacteria that may be in the future a method that could be proven to work with people and be one step closer to discovering new beneficial bacteria to our body.

I took the information from this site

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3 Responses to Gut Bacteria to Fight Diarrhea

  1. It´s Ok for your first attempt, but you ‘d improve it!
    >> Firstly, you haven’t search for the original source (the ‘News’ section in Science magazine doesn’t include ‘peer reviewed’ papers). In that case it’s very easy to find, just click on the link given!:

    [Of the various combinations tried, only one, a mix of six very different kinds of bacteria, cured the mice, they report online today in PLoS Pathogens].

    >> PLoS is and open access magazine, so you can examine it in detail. You haven’t caught the main idea, so here there are some key words: chronic infection, bacteriotherapy . I suggest you to read the ‘Author Summary’ in the original paper.

    >>Mind that bacteria is plural in English, being bacterium the singular form, so ‘to cure mice’s for diarrhea bacteria’ should be ‘to cure mice for a diarrhea bacterium’ or ·’… for a bacterial diarrheic infection’

    >> [This will be the first step to found a cure for diarrhea in humans] it`s no the same that [to prevent C. difficile reinfection]

    >> Picture inserted is deformed, try to preserve the original shape.

    >>>> >> Let me know when you change something in the post (writing a comment to this comment)

  2. 1bcarballopazosgabriel di:

    I made all the necessary changes in article

    • Much better now!
      The technical term is dysbiosis (pathological imbalance within the intestinal microbiota), the word ‘bisimbiosis’ doesn’t exist. You have mixed up this strange term with the best known ecological concept ‘symbiosis

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