Smoker women can reduce tobacco-related death before her thirties

Researchers of Oxford University had found, in a study, which give up cigarettes before the age of 40 reduces a woman’s risks of smoking-related by 90% and before 30 it reduces by a 97%. It shows conclusively for the first time that the disastrous effects of smoking for men are the same as for women.


The study, headed by Sir Richard Peto, recruited 1.3 million women between 1996 and 2001 when they went for breast cancer screening, aged between 50 and 65. That woman filled in questionnaires on their lifestyle, medical history and social background at the time of recruitment and three years later. They have been followed up for 12 years. At the start of the study, 20% were smokers and 28% former smokers.

The results show that two-thirds of all deaths of smokers in their 50s, 60s and 70s are caused by smoking. Even social smokers (1-9 cigarettes a day) had double the death rate of non-smokers.  Picking up this habit at a young age increased the length of time for which they smoked and their risk of an early death.

I took this article from:

The original source is: where we can find more information, like this tables with risks of death compering never-exmokers with smokers.


In the original suorce give more importance to the fact that womens who smoke have more risks to tobacco-related death than non smokers and the importance of quit smoking for the health. In the firs article I read, the report gives more value to other thinks like now women have the same risks as men in that aspect.

In my opinion, the results of this studio can help people who want quit smoking to do that before it was late.

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  2. Mónica di:

    Thank you for the right picture. I´ve already changed the wrong.

  3. albihas di:

    Creo que é unha noticia moi interesante. Está ben sintetizado e explicado; chégase perfectamente as fontes orixinais.Como escribiches na túa opinión persoal creo que esta noticia pode ser importante para que os fumadores se decidan a deixar de fumar xa que se o fan antes desa idade poden reducir moito o risco de morte por causa diso.

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