The first humans spear

Stones used for the elaboration of the Spears

Stones used for the elaboration of the Spears

Has been recently discovered that the first humans were already intelligent beings, since they appeared the remains of some manufactured Spears for more than years.

The remains were found in caves of South Africa. This has been discovered, advanced technology, tools of a stone called Pinacle. This technology is fundamentally based on the Microlites treatment, thermal treated mainly stone.

The treatment of these stones is long and costly, since, first pick up a rock, called silcrete, which then is heat-treated to make it more easy to its handling, flake into chunks. Then used a bigger and sharp rock for Butterflied the stone and make one side more rounded, making spear shape.

 Curtis Marean thinks these people probably had to be able to talk to each other for such a process to be transmissible. “You have to have high-fidelity transmission of a process like that,” he says in the NATURE magazine.

I think that this discovery brings us some more clarity about the life of our ancestors, their way of living, their way of thinking and his way of acting. So I think that it should continue investigating about the life of early humans.

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  1. > Articles should be rewritten, you cannot simply copy and paste!. So, you are not allowed to reuse the title (that’s an extreme plagiarism ). At least, you should create your own title!!.
    > Try to select the most relevant information
    > The link provided is not the original one, it is just in the ‘News’ section of a scientific journal. You’ll easily find the original source in other section of the same journal (Nature) searching through the author’s name.
    > When you’d found the original paper compare the information in the two articles.
    > The tag ‘Neanderthal’ in this post is confusing, specially if you don’t include the tag ‘sapiens’

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