New treatment to fight breast cancer.

A recent study has discovered a new treatment to fight breast cancer metastatic stage, this new treatment is the pertuzumab (Perjeta).

Breast cancer from Cristins Cliquer

Breast cancer from Cristina Cliquer

Today, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women. Most of these cancers (25%) are HER2 positive, is one of the most aggressive cancers because it grows and reproduces faster. The usual treatment of this cancer is Herceptin with doxetacel. With this treatment the average survival of metastatic cancer case was 37.6 months and the quality of life of 12.4 months is free from disease progression.

The discovery of the new treatment is a 34% increase in survival to reach 50.4 months and while increasing the quality of life for 18.5 months on average. The application of this new treatment with Herceptin and pertuzumab add doxetacel. The most common side effects of this treatment are: (above 30%) diarrhea, hair loss, leukopenia, nausea, fatigue and rash.

The EMA (European Medicines Agency) has approved the use of this treatment eight months after the FDA did. In Spain not yet been established pertuzumab, but not believed to have problem as international participation has been very favorable.

This new treatment has been discovered in the study Cleopatra (CLinical Evaluation Of Pertuzumab And TRAstuzumab) in which Spanish researchers have been involved.

-Personal opinion

I chose this article because I found it very interesting because the investigation against any cancer is necessary. In Spain each year are diagnosed 16,000 breast tumors so that research on this and the discovery of treatments to help eliminate them could save the lives of many women and men.

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  1. WELL DONE, except for the original source chosen. A piece o news from a pharmaceutical company website cannot be considered an scientific paper. However, you can read there (on the first paragraph:
    “New England Journal of Medicine publica los resultados del estudio CLEOPATRA en paralelo a su presentación a la comunidad científica en San Antonio (EE.UU.)”

    … and you’ll find the direct link to this paper a few lines below.

    So please complete your post with data from the real original source.

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