(The actually) Contemporary birds have ancestors with 4 wings

The fossils of 11 birds of Cretaceous studied by Chineses scientists suggest that the previous birds had 4 wings on their lower extremities. Along evolution legs lost their feathers and specialiced in earth moving while the upper extremities were devoted to flight.

“Before, we thought that the primade birds had scaly legs like actually birds. Now we had discovered that they are differents”said Xing Xu

A scientist team analyzed the fossils that was found in the NorthEast of China. The good state of preservation and the variety of specimens shows that had 4 wings wasn´t a rare quality on the ancestors birds.

The permade birds had a different body structure tahn the actually birds, and maybe 2 wings wasn´t sufficiente for make them fly.

“We’re not sure how it was the movement of these rear wings, or how to contribute to flight.  But we already have a project underway to investigate this particular issue, “said Xu Xing.

The fossils show us long, curved and rigid feathers. This facilitated the raising and inproved the maneuverability.

“All this dinossaurs probably lived in the trees. When the birds became more skillful flying, feathers lost legs and became preferentially animals living in the soil, near water”.

In my opinion, this is a great article for sciencie because it mean that we, probably, don´t know to much things about our past or the animals past, so I think that this is a great progress for the fossils study and of course for know more about the birds and their ancestors.


Source of information: http://noticiasdelaciencia.com/not/6638/los_pajaros_actuales_tienen_antepasados_de_cuatro_alas/

Original source: http://www.livescience.com/27898-early-birds-sported-4-wings.html

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  1. > Be careful when chosing words for the title, it’s the most noticeable place in your post!. Actually is a false friend.
    > The link given is not the original source. It´s just an internet site on science disclosure:
    “‘Livescience.com, launched in 2004, is the trusted and provocative source for highly accessible science, health and technology news (…) Our team of experienced science reporters (…)”
    > How To locate the original source:

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