The human cloning is posible

ImagenA group of American scientists directed by Shoukhrat Mitalipov obtained for the first time embryonic mother cells with the same ADN (cloned) of an adult. The work is the first success in human beings of the technique, but the authors insist in that it is not dealt of obtaining cloned people, but in arriving to the phase of blastocyst of the embryo (around the five or six days of development) to extract the mother cells. Theoretically, these could stand out afterwards in fabrics that the patient needed for a selftransplant that, as they would have the same genetic material as the receiver, could be used without risk of refusal. The used technique is that of nuclear transfer: it takes an ovule of a donor, the kernel is extracted for him and an adult cell of the possible receiver is inserted for him. Afterwards, the ovule is activated, and starts to divide into the first steps of the embryonic development. When arriving to the phase of blastocyst, it is destroyed and the mother cells are obtained. This happens because as changes the ovule the genetic material stops having, the normal one in the cells, a single chain of ADN to have two. This is the location that occurs in the nature when there is a fecundation, except that these cells would have the two copies of a same individual: are therefore, a cloning. The method already had been rehearsed with success in animals (sheep, cows, dogs, cats, mice…) but it had never worked in people.

The experts think that it is a big step for the cloning but that it is lacking a lot to create identical human beings. The reason is that the technique is not effective enough and his use is limited for the regenerative medicine.

Personal opinion: I think that it is an important research since it would help us be able to do selftransplants to patients with illnesses that now can not heal up but in a future thanks to this yes. On the other hand believe it that to the human cloning it it still misses a lot of research to be able to obtain his complete process.

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  1. >>> On biological terminology.- English often goes to latin for technical words in biology:
    > Nucleus-nuclei for cell kernel
    > Ovum-ova = mature oocyte is a female gamete. This is not the same than ‘ovule’ (ovule is a part in the ovary in plants, a vegetal organ not a cell)

    >>> The title you’ve chosen is confusing. Reproductive cloning is not the same than therapeutic cloning. Therapeutic cloning, also called somatic cell nuclear transfer, does not result in the creation of a human being. Currently, reproductive cloning is not technically possible. In addition, it’s ethically questionable and legally forbidden.
    So, … Human cloning is NOT POSSIBLE (yet)

    >>> You have to extract something from the original source.

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