The Curiosity finds new indications that sometimes there was water in Mars.

The robot Curiosity de la Agencia Espacial Estadounidense (NASA) found new indications that sometimes there had water in Mars, according to the study that they carried out.

CuriosityIt landed in August 2012 in the             crater Gale of the red planet equipped with instruments of high technology, took photos of several pebbles of smooth and round surface, very similar to those that are seen in the beds of the rivers of the Earth. The pebbles were found very near the crater Gale, the place of landing of the Cur.

Mars is an arid planet, the scientists found tests that the water flowed for his surface several millions of years ago. The robots of NASA Spirit and Opportunity already found on this day signs that there had water in Mars. The scientists identified sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon, some of the essential chemical ingredients for the life.

Another of the great facts that NASA goes carry out goes to be to send human beings to the red planet in 2020. Than help of the Curiosity and the Opportunity (American spacecraft), and also with the participation of the Stipendi, European ship at present in the orbit of Mars.

In my opinion these researches have his advantages and disvantages. On a side, I would like to know whether there was life in Mars or there is possibility of there being someday, for the news that comes out, it seems that they go for the good path. But on the other hand these researches and journey to Mars cost a lot of money, and  the world economy should haven’t  this  such great expenses.

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3 Responses to The Curiosity finds new indications that sometimes there was water in Mars.

  1. 1bpamare di:

    me parece muy interesante porque puedes ver lo que pasa en marte y descubir muchas cosas

  2. >>> You should pay attention to your English.
    > ‘second one study’ you should say ‘according to’
    > ‘It wasterrifying in the crater Gale’ you should say ‘it landed’ (terrifying is related with terror, not land or earth)
    > … and many other mistakes. You can’t simply translate a phrase in Spanish just putting word after word.

    >>> But the information you provide is interesting!!

  3. diegogg8 di:

    Moi bo comentario, pois infórmanos si pode haber en Marte. É boa idea que os científicos se empeñen en descubrir si en realidade a hai neste planeta, xa que para nun futuro, non se sabe, pero quizáis sexa moi importante que verdadeiramente exista vida, xa que podemos ampliar a información que xa temos sobre Marte.
    Na miña opinión enviar xente a Marte en 2020 quizáis sexa precipitado.

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