The Antarctic ice ‘catches’ ​​28 high energy neutrinos

Scientists have detected neutrinos that may come from outside the solar system. They were detected in IceCube at the South Pole. Scientits think that this neutrinos was from a black hole.
the neutrinos can give information about processes of universe.
The IceCube is 2 kilometers undergrouns and occupies one cubic kilometer.
I think this telescopie gives much information about the universe now and initially. With this we can have another view of the universe.


I pull this article of
and the original source is

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6 Responses to The Antarctic ice ‘catches’ ​​28 high energy neutrinos

  1. Mónica di:

    I think this article is very interesnting fot the future research in physic because they might find more information about the universe’s origin. But I think you summarized it too much.

  2. I agree with Mónica: too much summarized, it’s really poor and careless post (“occupies one cubic kilometer.y ocupa 1km cubico”.
    >> You should include a diagram of the Ice Cube to explain better how it works
    >> As you can read in the press article (El País), results were presented in Physical Review Letters, and ‘Scientific American’ is a outreach magazine (for spreading science).
    >> The original paper probably has not been published yet, (June, 13) as you can check here.
    >> Posts cannot be ‘Uncategorized’, you must choose one!
    >> Let me know the changes you made sending a comment

  3. albihas di:

    I think it is a very important article for science as it is rotten in the future know more about the universe and its origins. I agree with Monica because it is very summarized.

  4. 1balcaba di:

    I think that this article is fairly summarized is an important issue that we would help here to the future in a positive to understand a little more the universe and the origins.

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