The ease of women to remember faces.

·”The way we move our eyes across a new individual’s face affects our ability to recognize that individual later.”

· “New insights into the potential mechanisms of episodic memory and the differences between the sexes.”

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The woman look

Is the memory of autobiographical events (times, places, associated emotions, and other contextual knowledge) It is the collection of past personal experiences that occurred at a particular time and place. It is distinct from other types of human memory, such as semantics, or procedural or empirical.

One research shows that women memorize the faces faster than men.

The memory of women for recognize faces is “superior” to that of men. The reason, says Jennifer Heisz (researcher of Canadian McMaster University), and the co-author of the study with psychology academics Pottruff David Shore and Molly, is that women spend more time studying the faces of the people with which they spoke, while men maintains the look on one site (like the eyes).
Men and women look at the eyes, nose and mouth. The difference is in the number of times that we look at, each of these traits: within a specific time limit of five seconds, the women made more eye movements toward the new faces of men. This difference in the path of the eye resulted, “be a upper memory” among women than among men. The research are exciting, because they suggest that anyone can be taught to memorize more and potentially have improve memory.

The results open the possibility that from the practice of our eye movement pattern may lead to better memory. One higher scanning may prove to be a simple strategy to improve the memory of the general population, especially for individuals with memory impairment or older adults. 

personal comment:

I think that this type of research is very important for heal Very common diseases of the population, such as Alzheimer’s. Or for other hand, research to know like the humans memorize.

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One Response to The ease of women to remember faces.

  1. Try to avoid mistakes in your title!. You’d change easy (adjective) by ease (noun)
    >> Too much plagiarism in your post. You should rewrite the main facts and ideas with your own words (and use quotation marks when you reproduce literally someone’s statements).
    >> Your link goes to a ‘Press release‘ from the Association for Psychological Science instead of going to the original paper. This is the organization who publish the journal where you can find this article ‘Females Scan More Than Males: A Potential Mechanism for Sex Differences in Recognition Memory’.
    But after all, you will find there less information than in the press release (as we only have free access to a short abstract).

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