Some medicines like diclofenac or iburprofen can increase heart problems. The research carried out by the MRC Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit at the University of Oxford and published in the Lancet,  found that for every 1,000 people with a moderate risk of heart disease allocated to one year of treatment with high-dose diclofenac (150mg daily) or ibuprofen (2,400mg daily), about three would experience an avoidable heart attack, of which one would be fatal.It produces  a two-to-four times increased risk of serious upper gastrointestinal complications.Imaxe

Doctors can predict which patients are suited to which painkillers.  The lead author, Professor Colin Baigent, said “having the information that we need about a person’s risk of heart disease, we can predict their extra risk of heart attacks when they take one of these drugs.”

The risks are very low, so if a person think it can affect him, he has to speak with his GP.

For example, these medicines help people with arthritis, so we have to find other way to cure them. But due to the risk is not high they can still having these medicines.

I read this article in:

The original suorce:  where we can find more about this topic.

In the original source give more importace to the fact that this risk can be predicted and it help to take the correct decision before it was late. We can see too the differences about some kinds of painkillers and the differents with the aftermaths.

I  think it was a very important research because it  affect a lot of people. It is a mix of a lot of researches so it includes a lot of people. A lot of people can be helped with this last research.

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    >> The original source was easy to find as you had a direct link in the Guardian (they’ve good journalists in their science section). Maybe you’ should extract more precise information there.
    >> I’m afraid I have to disagree with you. I think these meta-analyses are important as they examine many cases (124 513 + 229 296 participants) and can correct misusing pharmaceuticals (what is a very common problem in medicine)
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