“The mysterious movement of rocks on Racetrack Playa”

Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, a long stretch of mud in California (USA), is a strange landscape.                                                                                                                    

Strangest of all are some stones that are scattered about the size of a pebble into a human. What they have in this rocks of amazing are leaving a trail of motion, as if they had crawled across the floor. Some tracks are straight and have only a few meters long, but others have extensions that reach the two goals of a football field, curve or cross each other. Nobody has actually seen them move the rocks. Popular explanations ranging from a powerful magnetic energy fields or absurd alien interventions.


Two geologists had proposed that whirls of dust are those that cause the strange movement, perhaps in combination with intermittent flooding beach. The results weren’t conclusive.  Other scientists pointed to ice formed in the plain in the winter. Planted a wooden sticks around the stones, with the idea that if the ice sheets were responsible, the sticks was frozen by ice, immobilizing the stones. But some stones continued their journey.

In my opinion, it is an amazing case! I thought it was impossible for anything to move unless a force acts to push it, but I see that it isn’t. I think we should advance forward in the investigation because it could be a great achievement for science.

• I took this article from: http://www.abc.es/ciencia/20130618/abci-como-mueven-solas-piedras-201306181327.html

• The original source is: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/roving-rocks.html

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One Response to “The mysterious movement of rocks on Racetrack Playa”

  1. You always choose articles without an original scientific source behind (as it was defined for posts in this blog: published in a ‘peer reviewed journal’). But this case is interesting, specially because of the nature of the research. It was made by students in a summer course organized by NASA:
    The Lunar and Planetary Science Academy (LPSA) is a highly selective, intensive ten-week summer internship program that focuses on individual research in the field of Planetary Science, leadership and networking
    … recent graduates of high school to first and second year graduate students from all over the United States gather in Maryland to conduct independent research supervised by a NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientist.
    Lunar and Planetary Science Academy (LPSA)

    But you’d have found the true peer reviewed article here.

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