Scientist create a new brain anatomic map

German researchers, in collaboration with the University of McGill in Canada, got what is considered one of the most detailed three-dimensional maps and extensive brain architecture, which will observe the microscopic level, not only of the anatomical structures, but also cellular details of the methods available to then.

To make her study the researchers  Alan Evans and Katrin Amunts took a brain of a death woman who died with 65 years and they cut her brain in pieces thet looks like a human hair to study the parts to make a map of her brain.They study taht brain because it was a good example without diseases.

They have obtained no less than 7,000 sections of only 20 micrometers in diameter, which were carefully blotted and scanned into a computer. Then, all those images of the brain were again assembled using a digital imaging program, to bring them together one by one in a complete picture of the brain in three dimensions.

Elena Alberdi of the Achúcarro Neuroscience Center say that “although this functionality can not be seen from the map in 3D just presented, it will be possible from now “crossing this architecture with the areas already known to see which cells, or even which genes are located there.”

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  1. >> After deadline
    >> Spelling mistake in the title
    >> Not original source, nor personal opinion
    >>> This time you have linked the journalistic article under the tag ‘Original Article’. In this piece of news (from El Mundo, being 20/06/2013 the date) you’d notice Science has published (Science 21 June 2013) something on this matter.

    I emphasise the dates, because your post is supposed to be written in March!!

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