The problem: protein aggregates

Multi-photon laser technique from neurologic diseases

Neurologic diseases are a type of diseases  which are caused by a disorder in the body nervous system. Normally, this diseases have specific cause like genetic disorders, infections, lifestyle or environmental health problems. That cause performance in a type of proteins which starts changes on the neurologic system. There are a lot of different proteins and cells on the system, so there are many neurologic diseases. Diseases like Alzheimer or Parkinson.

nervous system

Central nervous system


With multin-photon laser technique is possible to distinguish the components of the proteins  which cause the diseases from the well functioning proteins in de body.

In this diseases the big problem is find the aggregates which are causing in the proteins the disorder.Now,  the scientists and the researchers hope that with the multin photon laser technique we can extract of proteins the bad part and not have to use chemicals medicines.


Here, we have a normal protein and a amyloid protein with the multi photon laser, and they are very different so the image on the right shows the bad parts of the amyloid proteins that we have to take from finish with the diseases.

With that discovery scients shows that there be many solutions for diseases that people things that are incurable. In a few or years, after they was practising, we can see how that is possible.

It is an important discovery because with this technique it is not necesary to use surgery. But we have to investigate so much, for find best thing in the medicine and can to prevent diseases.

In my opinion, it is a good new because with that technique is better than have chemicals medicine. But we do not know what are the problems that it have with him.

Source: Investigación y ciencia, My news

Original source: Nature

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  1. 1) This case clearly shows the difference between results achieved in a particular research (article in Nature Photonics, your original source) and the information given in a related press release (your link to simply transcribe the press release from the Chalmers University Of Technology at Gothemburg, Sweden). I find more accurate the version offered in Investigación y Ciencia.

    Remember that just pinpointing the original source is not enough to get good marks. In addition, you should use information from the abstract (we don’t have free access to the full article). So I would like you to distinguish among:
    -1- What have they discovered? [we show that…]
    -2- Which is its plausible use? [… will provide…]
    -3- Do they suggest another uses in the future? [… could be…]

    Afterwards, compare that to the perspective in the media (where are the pieces of news focusing on?)

    2) Edit your image (clicking on it being in the editor) and introduce the paragraph below (‘Here, we have a normal protein-…’) in the caption box (a caixa está sinalada como “lenda”, e serve para situar o pé de foto)

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