A new bacteria that reduces global warming?

Global warming is an increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and scientist have known about it since the 19th century. As you can see in the graph above, there was an increase of about 0,8 °C since the last 100 years. It is believed that the cause of the increase are greenhouse gases resulting from human activities such as burning coal, oil, etc.

A group of researchers from the University of East Anglia, UK, noted this warming could be slowed due to a bacteria called “Methylocella silvestris” that absorb natural gas or even artificial (caused by humans). The bacteria lives in the soil and could develop in two gases: methane and propane, which initially was thought to work of different bacteria. On the other hand it could also help control oil spills which are accients that pollute the enviroment, expecially the sea.

However, the article chosen from the original source has differences between them. In the original source speaks more about gas and bacteria and really important to me is that it reduces the atmospheric temperature.

The original article explains that the gas methane is generated by biological processes and by thermogenic decomposition of fossil organic material, which forms methane and short-chain alkanes (ethane, propane and butane). The gases provide carbon or energy. In this article describes the mechanism by which a single bacterial strain, Methylocella silvestris, can use methane or propane as a carbon and energy source.

In summary, bacterial strains (found in natural environments), can do the job that different groups of known bacteria perform separately.

Personal opinion:

I chose this article because I am interest to know new things about the earth. Humans are responsible for destroying the planet. The discovery of this bacteria is fascinating. My opinion is that everyone can do whats their means to try to improve the enviroment. It is time to act!

ARTICLE: http://actualidad.rt.com/ciencias/view/126636-bacterias-frenar-calentamiento-global

ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v510/n7503/full/nature13192.html

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2 Responses to A new bacteria that reduces global warming?

  1. You work is incomplete, because you don’t use any information from the original paper. That’s why it’s biased too, because you follow a poor popularization article.

    > What are the main ideas in Nature’s paper? The Title use to be revealing: “(…) metabolic versatility of”. This are explained in the Abstract:
    >> (what was previously known) – Aerobic methanotrophs, which can assimilate methane, have been considered to be entirely distinct from utilizers of short-chain alkanes,
    – and studies of environments have assumed that disparate groups of microorganisms are responsible for the metabolism of these gases.

    >> (what they discovered) “a single bacterial strain, Methylocella silvestris, can use methane or propane as a carbon and energy source, documenting a methanotroph that can utilize a short-chain alkane as an alternative to methane”.

    Well, OK, a single bacterial strain (found in natural environments), can do the whole job that different groups of well known bacteria (also growing in natural environments) perform separately. It has little relationship with climate change!!

    The problem is your popularizing article is really bad. Try to improve your post with this article, it’s the press release from the University where these researchers work. You will see there a different perspective (from the very beginninig: the title and the photo inserted).

    > You also have to classify your post by choosing a category.

    • Serxio Duro di:

      I made some modifications:
      1. I deleted the category “curso 2014-2015” and I put another.
      2. I put a link on the image.
      3. I changed the title.
      4. I added new information from the original article.

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