The genetics could be the key to the ebola

Fonte orixinal Articulo de divulgación A study with mice suggests that the gravity of the ebola could depend of our genes. A. Rasmussen and M. Katze from the Katze Laboratory directed this study. October 30 in Science. Around 60-70% of deaths from Ebola did not develop the most striking symptoms of infection, some previous studies demonstrated that the severity of the disease depended on the attempts that would make the own body against the virus. to understand that the doctor Rasmussen decided to initiate a study inspired by the flu virus, because it had caused an epidemic in 1918. To perform this study had to raise desarrollasen mice similar to human infections, this happened three years ago, before the epidemic. Finally got this strain of mice and started the experiments with the flu virus. With this breed found that genetics influenced if the mouse died, got sick or just not sick. Angela Rasmussen and Michael Katze from the Katze´s Laboratory at the University of Washington Department of Microbiology directed this experiment in collaboration with the National Institute of Health Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After completing the study they failed to clarify the genetic causes for the different reactions to the virus but they discovered two genes that are crucial for an ill dies or survives In the experiment all mice lost weight in the early days, 19% of them remained the same and regained the lost weight. Eleven percent were partially resistant and less than 50% died. Seventy percent of the mice had more than 50 percent mortality. Nineteen percent of the latter group had hepatic inflammation without classic symptoms of Ebola, and thirty-four percent had blood that took too long to coagulate in addition to an internal haemorrhage, swollen spleens changes in color and texture from the liver I think if the difference between life and death for ebola is on the genetic cure it will be more complicated, Even so I suppose that doctors will discover how to use this to our advantage soon, I hope that they continue investigating on this way because it seems to give results. Even it means throw stones at my own roof I have to say that in this experiment have not been taken into consideration environmental factors such the age or health that had the ill before infection, and, according to experts this affects the vulnerability of the patient. Sorry, I could not put the video directly so I put a link Angela Rasmussen and Michael Katze talking about the experiment and their expectations

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  1. Extremely POOR, your post is worthless to the extent that it is simply the result of a copy-paste procedure. You haven’t written any word, so you could have pasted 20 pages or only a paragraph, it has the same value: zero. To have done this, you could have saved the English!.

    > So, you score 0,5 out of 4 in rewriting this piece of news (just for choosing and pasting it)
    > You don’t even have a title, you’ve copied it from ScienceNews.
    > The only link you provide doesn’t work (you haven’t defined it as a link). In addition, it goes to a popular science magazine, not to an academic paper. So, it isn’t the original source (but you have there, in that four short lines, the direct link to the true original source in Science!). You have 0 out of 3 in this section.
    > There is no link to your press article (the one you’ve copied), and it’s compulsory to supply this link.
    > Neither you have a personal opinion paragraph (0 marks out of 2).
    > The image inserted is completely secondary, without scientific interest. There is also a problem in the caption, something is wrong with its format.

    What is valid?
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    > Categories and tags (but non your name, you have to modify your profile)

    You could begin again, but seriously now, I have not time to waste. You decide the language, but consider that the post must be written in your own words.

  2. brandan di:

    I already change the title, the link now goes to the original article and the link that leads to the article of popularization, I also put my opinion but did not get a good picture so I put the video

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