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Medical chips can be implanted in the body thanks to a new and safe way of charging them

  A wireless system has been developed by Assistant Professor Ada Poon to charge safely tiny electronical medical devices in our body (in our livers, in our heart, and even in our brain). People only need a device the size … Seguir lendo

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Global warming in hiatus thanks to a strengthening in Pacific trade winds

Atmospheric greenhouse gases are increasing, and thereotically Earth’s temperature should have increased too. But since 2001, Earth’s global surface temperature has been almost the same. A study (made by Australia and the United States) has discovered why. This pause is … Seguir lendo

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Genetic switch had been discovered in breast cancer

Breast without cancer (Left) / Breast with cancer (Right) Breast cancer is a type of cancer originating from breast tissue. Certain mutations that take place in breast cells and are not repared, lead to an anormal uncontrolled growth of those … Seguir lendo

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