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Against tumors: T cells!

Immunotherapies, more and more often, are being become in a very effective method against tumors. The patient uses his own immune system to fight them, especially, T-cells are being used. But, what are T-cells, and how do they work? T-cells, and … Seguir lendo

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Cancer is the common name for the set of illnesses interrelated in which it’s seen an uncontrolled process of cellular division. It could begin located and spread to another surrounding tissues. The biggest problem to control the disease is how they cells divide, … Seguir lendo

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Researchers in USA have discovered that astronauts who are going to be sent to Mars, could suffer brain damages like elevated anxiety, memory deficits and loss of awareness. NASA researchers exposed mice at energy levels similar to those found in … Seguir lendo

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Walking is one of the healthiest things a person can do to feel and live better. What are the benefits of walking? This activity mobilizes tissues, regulates sugar levels, mobilizes toxins (poisons) and metabolic waste. All of this results in … Seguir lendo

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UK allows to develope mitochondrial DNA switching techniques for avoiding deseases

In a historic decision, the United Kingdom goverment has voted  a gene-therapy technique that could help women to avoid passing genetic defects onto their children. The vote, decided by 382 members of parliament casting in favour and 128 against, is … Seguir lendo

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Technology helps blind people to see.

A group of blind subjects try out an experiment, about implant electrodes in a retina for detect movements. The subjects had an illness  called retinitis pigmentosa. This genetic disease affects them so that their ability of sight decrease slow but … Seguir lendo

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Sea and ice, our best damaged friends.

The Intergovernmental Professional Group of Climate Change from United Nations claimed that in XX century, the sea level rise 1,7 millimetres. In XXI century they are thinking that sea will rise lower than half metre comparing to its level in … Seguir lendo

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A syringe against AIDS?

The era of AIDS began officially on Juny 5th, 1981. The first recognised cases of AIDS occurred in the USA. A number of gay men in New York and California suddenly began to develop rare opportunistic infections and cancers that … Seguir lendo

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Melanoma, a skin cancer, is very difficult to treat, especially when it’s in an advanced stage. The melanoma rates are higher than 40 years ago, with million people treated each year in United Kingdom. Professor Robert Insall and his team … Seguir lendo

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Researchers studied, and are still studying, animals like zebrafish, which cut off 20% of the heart recovers smoothly, because of his fascinating regenerative capacity. One option is to use stem cells, but in the laboratory of Juan Carlos  Izpisúa managed a … Seguir lendo

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